Church of Saint Michael - Cluj-Napoca

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The church (Biserica Romano-Catolica Sfântul Mihail) is one of the most beautiful gothic monuments in Transylvania. Construction work took place during the period 1350-1487. The church was built on the site of the ancient chapel of St. James. The altar is the oldest part of the building, built around the year 1390. The most recent part of the church is its tower, built in 1860 in the starry-style, with stained glass and sculptures, famous because their beauty and grandeur. Many restorations revealed mural paintings of the first part of the fifteenth century.
The last renovation of the church took place between 1957-1960.


Travel guide :

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Culture of Cluj:

» Romanian Opera and National Theatre of Cluj-Napoca

» Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra

» County Library "Octavian Goga"

Monuments and buildings:

» "Sfântul Mihail " Church

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» The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Cluj

» The Calvaria Roman Catholic Church

» The Franciscan Church

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The Gallerz of Art :

» The National Museum of Art

» The History National Museum of Transylvania

» The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania - with more then 80 years, it`s the largest in Romania

» The Speleologist Museum "Emil Racovita" - the only muzeum dedicated to the memory of the main speleologist of Romania