How to move in Cluj-Napoca

The Center of the city is located 20 minutes of walking from the cluj train station. Following Horea Street passed the Somes River until you reach Regele Ferdinand street ( formerly known as Gheorghe Doja), you`ll reach Unirii Square. On the other side of the street you can find the busses 3, 4, 9 wich go towards the center of the city.

The Bus station is located north of the railway where u can also take 31 and 42 buses. The Dacos Company has also an station (wich is divided between AtlasSib and Sibiu Transmixt) and nord of the square on Voitesti street No 1-3, building, apartment 22 they hold an office.

The Airport ( ), you can find it if you take the No 8 Bus at around 5 km from the city. The bus departs everyday at a tight scheduele from Mihai Viteazu square and it`s the main bus wich connects the city with the airport. The taxi is around 5 euros from Mihai Viteazu square and will top 9 or 10 euros depeding on your location (check the rates before you get in the cab).
The Public transportation of the city has an tight schedule and you can buy a ticket from every bus station kiosk for less than 1 euro.
The Best cab companies are Pritax, Diesel, ProRapid, Nova.

The best way to visit the city is with the help of a guide. But who can help you more, if not a cab driver. For a price of 1,99 RON (35 eurocent) / KM it is possible to go where ever you want. There is no problem in finding a cab as there ar lot`s of them around and mainly near bus stations. You should avoid the shark companies as they will extracharge you for cab fairs. The only trusted companies are Atlas, Rapid Diesel, Diesel Taxi Pritax, Nova Terra & Fan, Fast Pro).