Gastronomic specialty

Transylvana kitchen

Regional kitchen its made with bases of pork, true and own ticket out of sight. In addition to sausages of all kinds, in each season are offered the baconthat marries well with the"horinca", a very strong brandy. In springis the turn of the nettle pureeand tasty soups. The most famous dish is the "Varza à la Cluj" mixed dish of cabbage and minced meat. Besides the great wine tradition, made by the true transylvanian people with the own craft of the vineyards, figure production of fruit distillates refined taste and flavor.

The Nasale is a typical cheese from the region of Cluj. Takes its name from the village where was produced for the first time. It 's a soft cheese structured, from cow's milk (Mt gr. Max 45% di sale. 3%), with a spicy and smell very strong and special. It's considered like a very good apperitizer or dessert, with vegetables, fruits, alcohol and various (wine, champagne, cognac, whisky). It's product only by Napolact, and it is a product unique in the world because of his specific properties of natural fermentation in a cave (Taga), in which it is stored for fermentation.

Other specialties of this area are Varză à la Cluj, Kürtőskalács.


• Hubertus, Str. 21 dicembre 1989 nr. 22, tel. 40 264-5967 43 40 264-4394 05. Romanian and Hungarian specialties are are available in the oldest and most exclusive restaurant of Cluj-Napoca. Known for its excellent hunting specialties.
• Ciuleandra Street. No Septimiu Albini. 10, tel. 40 264-4140 21, romanian restaurant, open under the Best Western Hotel Topaz.
• Casa Ardelenească, 21 dicembre 1989 Nessun Bd. 5, SORA Shopping Center. In addition to the traditional menu Romanian you will find Romanian folk songs, with various local artists.
• Via Mattia Intimo. No Corvinus. 3, tel. 40 264-5974 97. A variety of dishes from Transylvania,attended by local and national personalities.
• Topaz Street. No Septimiu Albini. 10, tel. 40 264-4140 66. Menu of fine international cuisine, elegance and style. Restaurant open at the hotel Best Western Topay.
• Akropolis, str. Motilor. 40, tel. 40 264-4392 28. greek food. Next to the restaurant there is a fast-food restaurant and a bar, with separate entrance.
• Il milanese, Str. Avram Iancu Nr. 85, Floreşti township. Italian specialties. Located 12 km from Cluj-Napoca, Floreşti township.
• Beijing Street. Avram Iancu no. 12-14. chinese food.
• Via Shanghai. Constantin Brancusi no. 98, tel. 40 264-4099 05. In a rezidential area, to a few kilometers from city center, offers a wide variety of Chinese specialties.
• Via Marty Caffe. No Victor. 39, tel. 40 264-5912 12. A selective medium in the center of the city,together with various international dishes.
• Lugano, Str. No Roosevelt. 3.