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Botanical Garden – Cluj-Napoca

The Botanical Garden from Cluj-Napoca was founded in 1920 by professor Alexandru Borza and it occupies an 14 ha surface  wich provides the best in growing an impressionable plant collection from all around the world . (approx 10.000 species). The garden it`s divide in different sectors wich accommodate different plant species: medicinal plants, phytogeographic plants, ornamental plants and economic ones and systematic plants.


Some of the points underline:
- The ornamental sector contains dozens of plant species wich delight the visitors eye.

- Artistic Japanese garden: it`s organized in the traditional style of Niwa-no-gvo and includes specific characteristics of the Japan landscape.
- The greenhouse complex: it`s made out of 6 greenhouses in wich are grew plants from the hot climates of the globe (tropical and subtropical). The famous Giglio delle Amazzoni, palm trees and Australian, Mediterranean, fat plants, orchids and tropical felcs.

- The Sistematic Sector it is one of the most important secotr in the Botanical Garden, it`s an living botanical book in wich are classified plant species using different criterias.

- The Vegetable Garden is situated inside the Botanical Institute of the Geology and Biology faculty.

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Monuments and buildings:

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The Gallerz of Art :

» The National Museum of Art

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